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Carole Eilertsen is a graphic designer and owner of Elemental Marketing & Design, but beyond that she's a mom to a very active, adorable 6 year old who keeps her busy with school activities and of course the network of moms who keep her sane with play dates.

I'm always happy to assist friends, family and clients with invitations for their childrens birthday parties, weddings, baptism or even a big bash 50th, stork parties and every other event you can think of. It's a business of passion because it's based on a desire to serve the moms out there.

Party invitations, menu's, goodie bag designs to personal blogs and online invitations, whatever you need help with managing childrens events or family memories, I would love to get involved.

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Here's hoping this website and the upcoming Blog give you loads of info on suppliers, ideas, and some info that just blows my hair back. Maybe it will connect with you too.